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The front cover is brown leather decorated with nature motif. In the upper two-thirds of the page are three tree shapes that seem to be composed of Evergreen tree needles at the top and saplings as bases. There is an outline around each of the tree’s that seems to be a petiolated, entire cordate leaf that seems to be the shape of a leaf from an empress tree. There is one directly in the foreground and two on either side that are partially visible. By the top of the centre tree is the title of the publication “The Evergreen”. AT the very top of the page is written “Book of” on the left side and then “autumn” on the right. On the left side of the trunk it says “Published in Edinburgh by Patrick Geddes & Colleagues at the Lawnmarket” and on the right side of the trunk it reads “and also in London by T. Fisher Unwin Paternoster square”. Beneath the image of the tree there is a patterned images of three mistletoe gathered on top of four leaves across the lower third section of the page. Towards the bottom of the cover presented in a boarder is “a northern seasonal”. The entire image is outlined by an embossed frame.