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The image overlays a number of symbolic shapes and figures. In the centre of the page there is a dark pyramid with two other pyramids behind it positioned closer to the left hand side. In front of the first pyramid is a monumental pharaoh’s head wearing an elaborate headdress adorned with a single cobra. Flying in front of this is Theros the Greek personification of Summer. He is a winged figure with short curly hair wearing a flowing robe and holding a sheaf of grain in one hand and a sickle in the other. Lying in front of the large pharaoh’s head is a toppled over obelisk tapered with a pyramid like shape at the top with hieroglyphs on the side. In the upper right hand corner of the image is a small full body illustration of Jesus Christ hanging from the cross. Behind the cross is the sacred heart. Just beneath Jesus is the sun setting over the desert containing the entire scene.