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Image is a portrait of a seated woman. The woman’s body is facing forward while her head is turned to her right, so that her face is seen in profile. Her white, long sleeved robe covers the majority of her body, and the bagginess of the fabric conceals the woman’s figure. The woman wears a black bodice (or corset) that covers her underbust, while her breasts and shoulders are exposed. She also wears a beaded necklace that has a small, circular pendant in the center. The woman holds a rose between the fingers of her right hand, which appear to be resting on a black table that is embellished with white dots. She has an open fan held in her left hand, which is positioned between her lap and torso. Her hair is arranged in a conical-shaped bun. The majority of her scalp is covered by an intricately designed headpiece: the front of the headpiece is arched with three long, slim feathers, and three square designs decorate the side of the headpiece. A three-paned window is located on the upper-left of the illustration. Each glass pane is decorated with an “S” shaped design. The artist’s mark (a tree surrounded by curved lines bound within a square) is in the lower-left corner of the image. The image is vertically displayed.