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Go back, sweet slip of cambric to my own,
        And bid her wait for day:
The night is wet, the windy stars are flown,
The taller trees beside the river moan,
        The dawn can be but gray.

Cambric and tears: rain on a soul a-fire:
        Dew in the tulip’s heart:
The trampled lane is ankle-deep in mire,
Yet orchard birds, in undesponding quire,
        Sing lauds for those who part.

=Go back to her, the light is spreading fast,
        Tell her my lips are dumb:
Clouds veil the sun; but say that at the last
Each storm-torn sail and every shaken mast
        To some safe port must come.

                                                                        L.C. Duncombe-Jewell.

4 Mîs Mê, 1903.

MLA citation:

Duncombe-Jewell, L.C. “Kyn Vyttyn (Before Morning).” The Green Sheaf, No. 8, 1903, p. 10. Green Sheaf Digital Edition, edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Yellow Nineties 2.0, Toronto Metropolitan University Centre for Digital Humanities, 2022.