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The hand-coloured illustration is framed with a thick black rectangular border, in portrait orientation. The frame doubles as a doorway with a brown wood-grained lintel, in which two figures stand in an embrace. On the left is a woman (Deirdre), pale-skinned with long golden hair, wearing a white robe over an orange dress. She faces right, her face tipped back and arms raised. She embraces a pale-skinned man (Naisi) with black hair, a green tunic, a brown, animal-fur robe, and criss-crossed, laced sandals. He faces left, gazing down at the woman. Above and behind them in the sky fly 7 white birds or doves. Beside the doorway on the right, a long spear rests against the wall. Behind the figures through the doorway one can see a blue sea, green hills, and yellow sky. The artist’s monogram is on the bottom right corner of the doorway. Below the image the following text is printed: “Do you not see them? The bright birds which sang at our flight! Look how they wheel about us as they sing!” Deirdre, Act II.