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This half-page coloured illustration, centered above the text, appears on the second page of “The Lament of the Lyceum Rat,” by Mary Brown. Outlined in a black rectangular border in portrait orientation, the image depicts four figures in costume on a stage [likely in a performance of Victorian Sardous’ play on Dante]. The three standing figures face left, in profile, while the kneeling woman faces right. In the centre foreground, a man in a long gray robe and red medieval hat holds the hands of the woman who kneels at his feet. His pale face is the only one rendered in full colour; the faces and bodies of the other three figures are the same brown shade as the background. Behind him is a man wearing a crown, and holding a spear and golden shield. The gold shield appears to be a halo surrounding the head of Dante, the man in the red hat played by Henry Irving. These two male figures are followed by a woman in long robes carrying pink flowers, with a crown of flowers atop her head. Behind the figures, in the bottom left of the image, is a small doorway with a barred window. The artist’s monogram is at the bottom right of the frame.

4 ¾” w x 6” h