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This hand-coloured, decorative cartouche encloses a 6-line verse poem and illustration. Above the text, the half-page illustration depicts a landscape. In it, a blue river extends from the right foreground to the left background, with trees along its grassy green banks. In the right foreground, a lone tree with a brown trunk and green leaves dominates the frame. Behind the river, a forest in black is silhouetted against a yellow sky. Six small stars dot the sky in the top left corner. The upper frame of the cartouche, created out of tree branches and roots, meets at the top, where two birds nest in the tree tops. Below the image, more tree branches and roots meet to form a cartouche around the poem’s title, “EVENING,” hand-lettered in all caps. Below this, the text of the poem is typeset in italics: “Now with a sigh of the day's labour ended, / The wearied earth rests 'gainst the all-embracing sky, / And from its heights immeasurable, above the pale / primrose of the West, / Where the blue day still lingers, the tender stars shine / down, / While the breeze wandering o'er the flower-flecked / meadow-land, / Closes the tired eyelids of the day.” The artist’s name is printed in italics outside the lower frame, at bottom right: “Dorothy Ward.”

4 ¼” w x 7” h