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The illustrated advertisement occupies the top third of the page of advertisements.. The ad is titled “Edith Craig & Co.,” in a large serif font. Below the title, an address is printed: “13, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C.” To the left of the text is a small, coloured illustration with a black rectangular frame. It depicts a woman from the shoulders up, in profile, wearing a bonnet that hides her face. The bonnet is decorated with a pale yellow ribbon on the side and has two flowers with green leaves – a yellow daisy and a red rose – emerging from its top. The bonnet and the edge of her dress are coloured grey. The initials “E” and “C” are positioned to either side of the woman, in a heavy serif font. The text of the ad is divided into two columns beneath the title and address, and reads “Costumes, theatrical and private. Telephone: No. 3345 Gerrard. Office hours: 11-5. Saturdays, 11-2. Beg to draw your attention to the HIRING DEPARTMENT they have opened at the above premises, where a large selection of artistic and valuable costumes is now available for hiring for Balls, Theatricals, etc. They can also supply at reasonable charges all requisite properties and costumes of correct period for costume plays or tableaux. These can be sent any distance, with full instructions for use, or, if desired, a competent person can be sent to arrange them.—This is strongly advised for Tableaux.”

6 ¾” w x 2 7/8” h