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No. 3

Cover, “The Green Sheaf” by Pamela Colman Smith [i]
“A Masque: The Harvest Home,” Full-page image by Edward Gordon Craig 2
“The Harvest Home,” text with ornamental decoration by EGC 3
“The Lament of the Dead Knight,” poem by Alix Egerton 4
Tailpiece illustration by Cecil French 4
“Eventide,” poem by Ernest Radford 5
Half-page illustration by Pamela Colman Smith 5
“Spanish Ladies,” Musical score arranged by Martin Shaw 6
Tailpiece illustration by Pamela Colman Smith 6
“Spanish Ladies,” Words and music given to John Masefield by Wally Blair, A.B. 7
“Reconcilement,” poem by A.E. [George Russell] 8
“Donald Dubh,” poem by Lina Marston 8
“Audax in Recto,” Full-page illustration by W.T. Horton 9
“A Ballad of a Night Refuge,” poem by Christopher St. John 10-12
Supplement. “Mrs. Stirling,” from an original drawing by Dante Gabriel Rossetti np
Illustrative tailpiece by Pamela Colman Smith 12
“A Pagan Rhyme,” poem by Herbert Shaw 12
“Cornelion and Amethyst,” by E. Harcourt Williams 13-14
Half-page illustration by Cecil French 14
“Edith Craig & Co.” Illustrated advertisement by Pamela Colman Smith 16
Advertisements 15-16

MLA citation:

“Table of Contents.” The Green Sheaf, No. 3, 1903. Green Sheaf Digital Edition, edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Yellow Nineties 2.0, Toronto Metropolitan University Centre for Digital Humanities, 2022.