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No. 2

Front Cover. by Pamela Colman Smith                                                            [i]
Untitled. [“The World of Imagination”], by William Blake                              2
      Illustration by W.T. Horton                                                                          2
Illustrative Supplement. A Million Years Hence, by A. E.                                np
At Departing, by Lucilla                                                                                    3
      Illustration by Pamela Colman Smith                                                          3
A Prayer to the Lord of Dreams, poem by Cecil French                                   4
      Illustration by Cecil French                                                                         4
Untitled [“Once in a Dream”], by Pamela Colman Smith                                 5
      Illustration by Pamela Colman Smith                                                          5
Dream of the World’s End, by W.B. Yeats                                                        6-7
A Dream on Inishmaan, by J.M. Synge                                                            8-9
Jan a Dreams, by John Masefield                                                                    9-10
      Illustration by Pamela Colman Smith                                                         10
La Tranquillita, by W.T. Horton                                                                        11
How Master Constans Went to the North, by Christopher St. John (Part II) 12-13
      Illustration by Pamela Colman Smith                                                         13
Too Early to Bed: A Lament, by Dorothy P. Ward                                            14
Advertisements                                                                                               15-16
Advertisement for Edith Craig & Co., illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith  16

MLA citation:

“Table of Contents.” The Green Sheaf, No. 2, 1903. Green Sheaf Digital Edition, edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Yellow Nineties 2.0, Toronto Metropolitan University Centre for Digital Humanities, 2022.