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This unframed image is printed at the end of Christopher St. John’s “How Master Constans Went to the North.” Unframed, the full-colour image occupies just over half of the page, centered below the text. On the left side of the image, the Princess from the story stands, facing Constans on the right. The Princess is encased within a green ice crystal mountain. She wears a tattered nightdress and white shoes. With her eyes closed, she tilts her head downwards. Her skin is pale and her hair is blonde. Her head is surrounded by a glowing yellow halo, which illuminates the crystal. To her right, Constans kneels in the snow, clasping his hands as he looks up at her. His skin is pale, his hair is black, and he wears a tattered and patched brown cloak. The artist’s monogram is in the bottom left corner of the ice crystal mountain.