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IN THE SEVEN WOODS: Poems chiefly of the Irish Heroic Age.
    By W. B. Yeats. Hand-printed (Rubricated) by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats. Published
at the Dún Emer Press, Dundrum, Co. Dublin. Crown 8vo, 10s. 6d. net. [Shortly.

            From ELKIN MATHEWS’ LIST.

    Music of Two Old English Ballads. With Pictures in Colour by Pamela Colman Smith.
    4to, 7s. 6d. net.
    “The illustrations are highly spirited in treatment. They exhibit a strong decorative sense on the part of the
artist, the colour scheme being remarkably bold and well ‘harmonised.’”—Studio.

WIDDICOMBE FAIR: A series of 13 Coloured Drawings to this Old
    West Country Ballad. By Pamela Colman Smith. 4to, in portofolio, 10s. 6d. net.

A BROAD SHEET—For the Year 1902: With Pictures by Pamela
    Colman Smith and Jack B. Yeats. Hand-coloured. Twelve numbers, post free,
    12s. 6d. net. A portfolio may be had at 2s. net.

                        Fourth Edition Now Ready.

    8vo, 3s. 6d. net.

SONGS OF LUCILLA. Crown 8vo, 3s 6d. net.
    “The author of these verses shows a very considerable power of writing. She has not merely the accom-
plishments of style and melody, but has a way of attacking her subject which shows real power, the power to think
as well as to turn that wonderful verbal kaleidoscope which is the heritage of all the poets of this generation. . . .
[The poem ‘A Drunken Satyr’] is full of the spirit of Keats, and suggests all through Keats’ way of writing, but
nevertheless it arrests the attention as only a poem of originality can. Above all, it shows promise.”—Spectator.

        Published by ELKIN MATHEWS, Vigo Street,
            Nigh the Albany, London.


                              The Green Sheaf



                                    LACE MAKING.
POINT-LACE made to order and Lessons given by Miss Baillie,
I, Prince’s Terrace, Bayswater, W. Designs by Pamela Colman Smith.
            For particulars apply to above address.

The next number of The Green Sheaf will contain—
    Ballads and short stories by John Masefield, Alix Egerton, Lina
Marston, Ernest Radford, E. Harcourt Williams, A.E., and others.
    Drawings by Cecil French, W. T. Horton, Pamela Colman Smith,
and Gordon Craig.
    Also a drawing of Mrs. Stirling by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
in 1858 (never before published) will be given as a Supplement to No. 3.
    There will be thirteen Numbers of The Green Sheaf in a year,
printed on antique paper and hand-coloured, and the Subscription is
Thirteen shillings annually, post free. Single Copies may be had at
Thirteen pence each.
    Edited and Published by PAMELA COLMAN SMITH,
            14, Milborne Grove, The Boltons, London, S.W.

                        ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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