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The hand-coloured full-page illustration has a black rectangular border, in portrait orientation. The image illustrates Barbauld’s “Charles at the Seaside,” from earlier in the volume. In the foreground, three figures stand in profile, facing right, upon a golden beach by the blue sea. From left to right: a pale-skinned woman in a dotted white dress with green ribbons wears a yellow sunbonnet with green ribbons which reveals her pink curls; a pale-skinned little boy in a yellow sun hat, white dress, and black buckled shoes carries a red pail and spade; and a pale-skinned fisherman in a black sou’wester hat, with long sideburns, red shirt, blue trousers, and black boots, his arm raised to point at something out of frame. Behind them are white cliffs, sailing ships, and a purple sky. The artist’s monogram is in the bottom right corner of the frame.