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This black pen-and-ink decorated page creates a decorative frame for the poem “The Changed World.” At the top of the page, a young boy, facing the viewer, leans out of a windowsill, his head propped up by his hand, staring off into the distance. Around the open casement window, rose brambles tangle and climb, as if up the front of the windowed house. The brambles create a rectangular frame for the text of the poem, which is printed within: “THE CHANGED WORLD. / I. / In the daytime the world has so many gay colours, / The green of the grass and the blue of the sky— / Red for the robins, and white for the daisies, / And gold for the wheat and the barley and rye. / II. / I woke up last night and looked out of the window / And found that the colours were quite gone away. / The trees were all black and the moon shone down palely, / And a white river ran between meadows of gray.” Below the decorated page, the author’s name is printed: “Dorothy Ward.”