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From the International Studio: Review of The Evergreen, Vol. 4

   The Evergreen.    Winter Book.    (Edinburgh :
Patrick Geddes and Colleagues.)—This, the fourth
volume which has appeared of this very original
periodical, ends, we are told, its “first season-cycle.”
Unfortunately, we are also advised that it must now
“sleep for a season,” as the time for a new series
is “not yet.”    This we feel is altogether to be
regretted, for although the publication had some of
the defects of youth, it had also many of its
excellent and desirable qualities.    Several artists of
undoubted talent have been introduced to the
public for the first time through its pages, at least
in the capacity of book illustrators.    Perhaps, how-
ever, the Evergreen is, after all, of deciduous
growth, and although now, in these dark days of
winter, apparently dead and lifeless, will as the sun
gathers strength put forth fresh leaves and buds
and blossoms.    If so, none will more cordially
welcome its reawakening than ourselves.    We re-
produce by favour of the publishers one of two
excellent landscapes which appear in this number
by Mr. James Cadenhead, R.S.W.

MLA citation:

“The Evergreen.” Review of The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal, vol. 2, Autumn 1895, International Studio, 1896, pp. 66. Yellow Nineties 2.0, edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Ryerson University Centre for Digital Humanities, 2019.