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From the Magazine of Art: Review of The Evergreen, Vol. 2

The second volume—”The Book of Autumn“— of the
“Northern Seasonal,” called “The Evergreen,” has been
issued by Messrs. Patrick Geddes and colleagues, and in
London by Mr. Fisher Unwin. That the work of Professor
GEDDES and his friends will really tend, as they hope,
towards a Celtic Renascence we much doubt, even though
it takes its way “through Decadence.”   The public who
acquire it and like it will not look so deep ; they will enjoy
it as we enjoy it, and praise the effort, literary and artistic,
as we are disposed to do ; but that they will acknowledge
or justify the lofty purpose or admit the success of its
projectors we cannot believe.   The literary standard in this
new issue is higher than the artistic ; but among the latter
we must accord special mention to Mr. Robert Burns and
Mr. Macgillivray.

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