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From The Review of Reviews: Review of The Evergreen

A new quarterly has made its appearance this month.
It is entitled the Evergreen. It is quaintly got up, and has
its distinctive character stamped legibly upon every page.
Its authors see against the background of the Decadence
the vaguely growing lines of a picture of New Birth.
The Yellow Book is Decadence, the Evergreen is the
New Birth. Mr. Patrick Geddes is its prophet,
and the four chords of the music of the Rena-
scence are: (1) That faith may be had still in the
friendliness of our fellows; (2) that the love of country
is not a lost cause; (3) that the love of women is the way
of life, and (4) that in the eternal newness of every child
is an undying promise for the race. The Evergreen is
the organ of Faith, Hope, and Charity. And that I
suppose is the excuse for its illustration. They need
charity. They make us hope they will speedily be suc-
ceeded by others as unlike them as possible, and they
subject our faith to a severe test by asking us not to
believe they are the offspring of Beardsleyism and
of Decadence.

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