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The wood-engraving is printed in blank ink, in a roundel shape with a double circular border. It depicts a snowy night scene in which two people gather firewood. To the extreme left of the image, a robed figure ascends two steps into an open doorway into a building, carrying a bundle of sticks tied together with string. Their face is hidden behind the bundle, and the top of their head is draped with a cloth covering. To the right, a shirtless man wearing a low-crowned hat kneels in profile facing to the right and away from the viewer. He grasps a bundle of sticks in his arms while an axe lies on the ground behind him, next to his feet. In front of the man, to the extreme left of the image, is a tall pile of sticks and a bare white tree. Behind the figures is a woven fence, edged with snow. They stand on snowy ground, which extends past the fence to the middleground of the image. The background is filled by an uninterrupted black sky.