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The reproduction of a pen design is printed in black ink, in an outlined roundel shape. It depicts the interior of a room, in which King James sits in a trance-like state. He leans against a wall to the right, eyes closed, garbed in a robe and cloak. His face is turned in profile to the right, angled downward. A half-open book lies at his feet. An urn in the right foreground holds foliage, with a prominent oak leaf at the centre of the bouquet. Along the wall, behind his head, is a round open window through which two hands reach in through swirling darkness to touch his head; a shaft of light beams down from the window in a diagonal, splitting the picture plane. To his left, a white dove flies toward him, holding a scroll lettered with ‘PEACE.’ On the extreme left is an open door, beside which is a dresser with plates and a tankard, set against a diagonally striped wallpaper.