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The reproduced pen-and-ink drawing is printed in green ink within a double-lined rectangular border. The scene depicts Pan calling to Psyche from across a river. Psyche sits in the right foreground, kneeling, with her body angled to the left, her head bending in the same direction. She is naked, and her hair falls to the ground in front of her. On the left, Pan sits with his knees bent to his chest, angled towards Psyche as he hails her. Pan is depicted with a fully-human body, naked. He wears grape leaves in his hair, his right arm raised, holding panpipes. Behind him is a dark outcrop from which a small stream of water flows downward. Between Pan and Psyche is a river which begins in the extreme foreground then flows away from the viewer, bending into the distance behind Pan. Behind the figures, in the middleground, is a domed structure made of large standing stones. Vegetation and mountain peaks are visible in the distance. In the bottom left corner are the artist’s initials “CR” in capital letters.