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The two small rectangular woodcuts are centered vertically on the page. They are both printed in black ink, as are the heavy borders outlining each piece. The top image depicts a centaur holding a bough over his left shoulder. He stands facing the viewer, angled to the right, his face turned in profile over his right shoulder. His torso is naked, and his long hair hangs to his waist. The bough, which he holds with both hands, is abundant in foliage. In the left and right foreground are short bushes. He stands on a hill, behind which is another hill. In the left middleground, a tree grows between the two hills. Beyond them lie a dark forest and mountain peaks against a shaded sky. The bottom image depicts seven hares jumping in a meadow. The hare in the left foreground is the most prominent, and has its back to the viewer, its head turned in profile to the right. It sits on its hind legs in front of a small stream which extends the width of the picture plane. To its right, another hare, in profile facing left, jumps over the stream away from the viewer. Behind its body is a small bush. The extreme foreground is populated with small flowers and grasses. Behind these hares are rolling hills. In the distance, five more hares, surrounded in haloes of white, leap throughout the hills. Beyond them are mountain peaks shrouded in clouds.