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The square lithographic image is framed within a thinly-lined double border, rendered in tones of black. The image is an illustration of Delia, from the poems of Tibullus. In the foreground, Delia is seated at a table eating, facing the viewer. She wears a ring on the index finger of her left hand, which holds a fruit up to her chest. With her right hand she draws a heart with an arrow through it on the table. She wears white flowers in her hair. Her loose-fitting robes fall off of her left shoulder, where a man, Albius Tiuillus, leans in profile to kiss the nape of her neck. Three men in the background crowd the frame on either side, each lifting cups to toast each other in the upper centre of the frame. In the background a rounded doorway is shown on the far wall, around the dark walls of the room are visible.