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Page 3 of 4. The insert is printed on four pages, numbered i-iv, in black ink. On the first page, the title is printed in caps, centred, at the top of the page. The subheading is printed on the second page, aligned left, in caps, preceded by a fleuron. The third and fourth pages are full-page samples of the Vale type. The third page shows the title in caps, with fleurons, and an illuminated drop-cap P. Within the P is a small historiated image, or scene. In the left foreground, a nude woman bends in profile toward the centre of the image, descending steps, her body following the curve of the letter P. She carries a basket over her left arm and clutches her long hair in her right. On the right side of the image, three heads of a hydra emerge from an open doorway, facing the woman. They are set against a brick wall background. The rest of the text continues in upper and lower case. The page has a large right-hand margin, which is empty except for a fleuron and subtitle at the top of the page. The fourth page is the same as the third, except the text is in all caps with a much smaller right margin.