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The woodcut is printed in black ink with a double line border, in portrait orientation. The image illustrates a scene from the story of Red Riding Hood. The girl kneels in the centre foreground with her back to the viewer and her face in profile to the right. She wears a hooded cape that covers the back of her head and extends down to her bent legs as well as long socks and shoes. Her right hand is raised towards the wolf who is between two trees in the upper right corner of the picture plane, standing on all four legs. The wolf looks back towards the girl with his ears pricked up and his tongue hanging out. From the bottom right corner a sapling oak tree rises, some of its branches extending in front of the girl and the wolf. In the extreme foreground, the forest floor is covered in flowers. Between the girl and the wolf, a small stream flows horizontally across the frame. The background is dense with tree trunks and branches.