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The lithographic image is set into a square on the centre of the page. The image, printed in soft grey tones, depicts a scene of apple gatherers in an orchard. In the foreground of the image four women recline in supine postures, two of them holding apples. The woman in the centre foreground is looking at the viewer, while the others are in profile. On the left, just behind the supine women, a woman stands on a ladder reaching up to pluck a fruit that is out of view above the picture plane. Behind the group of figures are piles of apples on the ground. In the centre of the image, dominating the middle-ground. In the background, illuminated in the centre of the orchard, is a pair embracing. They are in silhouette, surrounded by trees, and from behind them originates a burst of light that extends out towards the viewer, creating a tunnel of light between the rows of trees.