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The image is printed in black ink on buff coloured paper. It is centered in portrait orientation on the page. In the upper right region of the image, a large scroll or cartouche displaying the text “The Dial: An Occasional Publication Edited by CH Shannon & C Ricketts” in large capital letters is positioned on a tall structure made from wooden cross beams. Ten white doves appear to be flying above in both directions to land on the top beam of the structure. Below the large scroll is a sheaf of roses and a labelled image of Icarus, naked , with his arms outstretched beside him to hold up his wings. Icarus is standing in front of the sun and is surrounded by flames and various scattered flowers. A framed box is below the Icarus iconography displaying the publishing information: “Published by the Editors in The Vale Chelsea W.” The artitst’s initials “CR” appear centered below the box, set within a book. To the right of this box is an artist’s palette with one brush and a jar with two sprouting plants. In the upper left portion of the image, a sundial and a bell are displayed underneath the lectern-style roof of the structure on the left side, adjacent with the first two lines of text on the scroll. Below them is an open room built in the confines of the wooden cross beams. A woman with a crowned headpiece, long hair, and an ornamented robe, is standing in left profile in the open room. She appears to be leaning against a tall writing desk/prayer stand/ art desk, which is also depicted in profile. The woman’s left arm is bent and rested on the desk and raised beneath her chin. Her right arm is rested up against the desk and she appears to be holding a quill pen with her right hand. The side of the desk contains artisanal instruments such as scissors and engravers. A small grotesque supports one of the legs of the desk at left. Below this pedestal is leaning a violin and a pair of slippers. Scattered across the whole bottom border of the image are leaves or flower petals.