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The soft brown/grey image is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. The image depicts a group of seven women in various poses. In the left foreground, a woman is lying down on her back with her arms bent and tucked behind her head. The woman beside her is sitting upright in profile with her legs crossed, holding a flute in her left hand. The woman behind her is sitting upright, facing forward, and is playing a cello or viol. In the right foreground, two women lie on their stomachs with their upper bodies propped up, facing the woman playing the cello. One of them holds a flute. There is a violin in front of them. To their right, a woman is lying on her side, facing forward, also with her head propped up with her left hand. She holds a viola with her right hand and rests it upright against her hips. In the background behind the women there is a wall with a mirror on a door.