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The illustration is black and white, in portrait orientation, and is centered on the page. A large rhinoceros-type creature with scales, ornaments and decorative fabrics on its body, and three tusks on its head (Behemoth) occupies the extreme foreground of the illustration. It is stretched out over a sward of grass, flowers, and branches, and with its forehoof, is holding down the body of a dead peacock (or possibly a phoenix/ firebird?). The Behemoth itself also appears to be dying. Behind the rhinoceros, in the left middle-ground of the illustration, is a group of trees in front of a parapet which appears to be connected to a tall tower. A woman with dark hair draped down to her feet, dressed in a dark robe, stands on the parapet holding an unidentifiable object (likely head or box it is contained in). White castle walls are visible behind the woman. In the right background, there are towering flames and smoke clouds. They swirl inwards toward the right. Descending from the fire is a large dark-feathered bird (possibly a phoenix). The artist’s initials “RS” are engraved in caps in the bottom right corner of the image.