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The illustration is black and white, in portrait orientation, and is centered on the page. In the foreground, a young girl with light long hair stands on a grassy hillside meadow. She is positioned in three-quarter profile facing right. She is wearing a garland on her head made from daisies and a heavy floral-patterned robe. At the young girl’s feet are eight flowers. To her right is a small raised plateau with two clumps of flowers and a single tree, which leans left toward the girl. The leaves of the tree spread across the upper portion of the illustration. In the background are hills, a few buildings with chimneys, and forests in the distance. A dark figure with a hat, likely a farmer or shepherd, is depicted on the hill directly behind and below the young girl. He stands with his right hand on his brow and his left down beside him carrying a stick or perhaps a staff. The figure also appears to be surrounded by moving objects (possibly sheep or cattle). The illustration is marked with a small circle with two vertical lines and one horizontal line.