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The initial letter “U” is capitalized and positioned in the right upper corner of the open, horizontal ornament, which extends far into the letterpress. In the left foreground, a naked woman is crouched down, sitting on her heels, leaning forward with her left arm outstretched holding four lilies and right arm positioned firmly on the ground. She is facing right so that only her side profile is visible. The woman has long hair which falls behind her and reaches her feet. Her hair is decorated with flowers and she wears a crown above her forehead that appears to be composed of curling flower sprouts or possibly worms. The woman is holding out the lilies to a dragon or worm, whose face is turned to look at her in profile, and which is positioned in the centre foreground. The worm’s tail extends back behind the woman to the top left corner. The worm’s head in profile shows one large eye close to the top of its head and a wide mouth which is closed, but appears to be smiling. The worm has four short clawed legs and two small wings which protrude from its sides. In the background, a tree branch is depicted underneath the worm with swirling branches which are positioned at the outer edges of the ornament. Flower petals, sprouts, and pebbles surround the woman and the worm. In the left, bottom corner, the initials “CR” are engraved on a small white square.