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The illustration is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. The illustration depicts a woman undressing before a mirror. The woman is leaning to the right, knees are slightly bent, her back is facing forward, and her head is turned in profile looking right. Her hair is dark and swept away from the back of her head. The woman is fully unclothed except for the large garment which is slipping off her left forearm and drapes down alongside her feet. The woman’s right arm is bent and tucked into her chest. To her right is a large circular mirror. Two small bottles (of perfume?) sit atop a small ledge protruding from the wall with the mirror. Behind the woman is a pool or a bathtub. A dark vase sits on the ledge of the pool/bath and a lotus flower floats in the water. More lotus flowers are depicted at the woman’s feet and beneath the mirror on the right wall. A ring of mist? a large halo? surrounds the woman.