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The illustration is in landscape orientation and is centered on the page. In the left foreground, two men (likely father and son) stand facing each other in a grassy field. The man furthest to the left, the son, is turned slightly to the right so that only his side profile is visible. He leans in close to the face of man in front of him, the father, who stands with his back facing forward. He outstretches and bends his arms so that his right hand grasps the father’s upper-left chest and his left hand rests on the father’s right shoulder. Although the son’s facial features are mainly covered by the father’s head, it is evident that the son has short hair and a bearded chin. He is also wearing a garment which covers his upper body but fully exposes his arms. The father stands slightly turned to the left of the son so that only his side profile is visible. His head is bent forwards and he is leaning in close to the son’s face. His left arm is bent towards his chest and his right arm is rested by his side. The father has long hair which parts at the base of his neck and falls to each shoulder. He is wearing a robe which covers his upper body and arms fully. In the right background, a man tends to three roaming cattle as they cross a bridge extending over a river flowing from the bottom left side of the illustration to the middle right. Only the man’s back side is visible, and he appears to be carrying a stick or a whip in his right hand. The bridge is suspended with wooden sticks. A tall tree trunk leaning to the right is positioned to the left of the bridge. A mountainous region is visible in the far distance. At its base, three animals (possibly cattle or swine) appear to be moving in a circular motion. The capital initials “CS” and the number “89” are depicted in a small square in the bottom right region of the illustration.