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The illustration is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. In the foreground, a naked figure with short dark hair (Circe) is seated atop a dressing room (?). She is crouched down and is in profile facing the right. There is a vase holding tangled flowers to her right, a lotus flower in a small squared vase to her left, and a rectangular portrait hung on the wall behind her. Above her head, the bottom portion of a circular window with two black birds on its ledge is visible. Directly below the figure in the dressing room, there is a small circular well of water reflecting light. A swine sits to its left. There is also a large circular mirror embedded in the wall adjacent to the well on the left, and an open door bordered with flowers (small lilies) on the back wall of the room. A dog rests at the bottom right of the doorway. There are four steps, possibly leading to a staircase to the right of the open door. The initials β€œCHS” are depicted in a rectangular box with the year β€œ1889” on top in the top left corner of the illustration.