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The illustration is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. The illustration depicts a wooden bridge or portico with wooden railings leading to the entrance of a dark castle. It is occupied by various groups of people. In the left foreground, a woman is leaning back against a wooden fence which borders the bridge. Her head is slightly turned to the left, but she is looking downwards and to the right. Her right arm is held upwards, shielding the left side of her face, and her left arm is rested on the wooden fence. She has dark hair and is wearing a dual patterned dress/robe, a lightly coloured shawl, and a circular headpiece/possibly a halo. At her feet is a basket with fallen roses. A man is standing to the right of the woman. The right side of his body is leaning on the wooden fence and he is facing the woman. He is reaching out to the woman, but she appears to be resisting him. The man is dressed in a dark robe atop white tunic with an eagle insignia on his breast. He is also wearing a dark belt, metallic boots, and a metallic helmet which shields most of his head and leaves only his face exposed. In the right foreground, there is an area of rubble or cobblestone in front of the entrance to the bridge. On top of the bridge, beside and behind this pair, are various people crossing. There is a young girl with long dark hair who is slouching forward. She is dressed in a short-sleeved dress, and she is carrying a pail. In front of her, a group of four men appear to be chatting. Three of the men are dressed in dark robes and headpieces, and the remaining man in back is dressed in a white robe. Further along the bridge there are soldiers likely guarding the entrance to the castle. In the background, there are various housing structures with tall chimneys, giving the appearance of a city or town beyond the bridge. The capital initials “RS” and the engraved in the bottom right region of the illustration.