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The illustration is a black and white etching in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. In the left foreground, a large figure is standing in profile atop a parapet. His head is positioned downward as he is overlooking a city. The figure’s hair is long and dark and appears studded with pearls. He is wearing a large, dark robe which drapes loosely over his body. His left hand holds a flower (lily), and his right hand is raised to his chin in a meditative position. At the foot of the figure, there are leaves, petals, and small flowers. Below the parapet is a round, wooden turret with men working a canon. In the right foreground, across the turret at ground level, is a pillared tower with two dome rooftops and a connected series of structures. A large dragon/worm is entangled around the shortest pillar of the tower and the structures behind it. In the leftmost foreground is the head of a black bird looking downwards. There appears to be a storm forming a concave shape of clouds in the upper background. The initials “CR” are etched in a small rectangular box in the lower centre of the illustration.