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The coloured lithograph is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. In the centre foreground, a sinuous dragon or worm, which appears to be emerging from the clefts of the green and blue mountains in the background, faces a nude white woman, positioned frontally in the right foreground. The worm has white scales, two short clawed legs which protrude from its sides, and a long swirling tail which spirals back into the clefts of the mountains. The worm’s head is turned to look at the woman in profile. The worm’s face in profile shows one large eye close to the top of its head, two small nostrils, and a wide mouth which is closed, but appears to be smiling. The woman in the right foreground is standing, leaning against a black cliff or rock, with one leg bent behind her. Her face is slightly turned to the left so that only her profile is visible. The woman has long blonde hair that is decorated with small flower heads and falls behind her, reaching past her feet. She is wearing a fantastic crown/headpiece above her forehead made from curling flower sprouts or worms. The woman’s right arm is stretched out, holding a spray of three white lilies. The woman’s left arm is bent upwards, aligned with her breast, and holds two white lilies above her head. The black cliff on which the woman leans occupies the right bottom and side of the image. Branches and various plant life protrude from the top of the rock cliff and the bottom left elevation of the cliff. The background sky in the illustration changes from a light to dark blue gradient moving upwards. A few small clouds are depicted in the right background of the sky. The capital initials “CR” appear in the lighter-green base of the mountain on the bottom left.