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The Illustration is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. It is contained in two rectangular segments and is set within an irregular double border. In the foreground of the illustration, contained by a white border, there is a large sundial on an overgrown brick pedestal in the centre of a walled garden. The garden is portrayed as if the fourth wall is removed. Three dark-bricked walls of the garden are depicted each with a herm in the corner surpassing the height of the walls. The herm in the left corner is in profile, the herm in the middle corner is facing forwards, and the herm in right corner is in profile. Blossoming daffodils and crocuses fill the ground of the garden and surround the circular base level of the pedestal. A small snail is sitting on the left side of the circular base holding the sundial. Behind the sundial is a large and barren tree, up which some vines grow towards the upper left portion of the illustration. There is a decorative lined border emerging up from the centered image to enclose the title, which is calligraphic: “The Dial” is centered and displayed in large print. “edited by Chas H. Shannon CR Ricketts” is displayed to the bottom right of the title in small print. There is a small square marking (signature) to the immediate left of this editorial statement. Above the title is a Renaissance-style sun, with a human face and flaming hair radiating out to each side. Below the framed image is written in calligraphic script: “The First Number of the Series.” is aligned with the left border of the enclosed illustration, and “1889.” is aligned on the right.