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Ada Leverson is shown standing (or possibly leaning) with hands clasped behind her in a front facing pose, angled slightly to the right. Though her body is angled, she is gazing straightforward. Her eyes appear to be lightly coloured, and she is smiling softly. Her hair is very short, curly, and falls slightly onto her forehead. Leverson is wearing a dark button-up dress. The dress has a collar that extends the length of her neck, decorative pointed fabric that hangs off her waist section, and a skirt that extends outward at her waist and bunches up behind her. In the background, behind Leverson, there appears to be a garden with upward growing vines. The image is shaded in brown sepia tones, and has a beige rounded-rectangular border. The text “ELLIOTT & FRY 55&56, BAKER ST LONDON, W” is written in capitalized letters within the bottom border of the photograph.