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HAND COLOURED PRINTS by Pamela Colman Smith, of
    Miss Ellen Terry:—
        as “‘Portia’ hurrying to the Railway Station”   …  …  Price Is. Post free.
        as “Sans Gêne”   …  …  …  …  …  …  ” Is.  ”
        as “Queen Katharine”   …  …  …  …  …  ” 2s. 6d.  ”
        as “Mistress Page”   …  …  …  …  …  …  ” 2s. 6d.  ”
        as “Hiördis” (in the Vikings)   …  …  …  …  ” 2s. 6d.  ”

Subscribers to The Green Sheaf may obtain this last print for Is. Post free.

The Green Sheaf School of Hand Colouring, undertakes small Editions of
    Books, Programmes, Cards, etc., for private Theatricals and Dances, also cards for advertising
    purposes. The School supplies the designs and executes the orders complete where desired.
    For further particulars apply to The Editor, The Green Sheaf, 14 Milborne Grove, The
    Boltons, S.W.

            From ELKIN MATHEWS’ LIST.

A BROAD SHEET—For the Year 1902: With Pictures by Pamela
    Colman Smith and Jack B. Yeats. Hand-coloured. Twelve numbers, post free,
    12s. 6d. net.

AUBREY BEARDSLEY’S DRAWINGS. A Catalogue and a List of
    Criticisms. By A. E. Gallatin. With Plates, some hitherto unpublished. Demy 4to,
12 by 9 inches. £1 net. Limited to 100 copies for Great Britain. Also a few L.P. copies
interleaved and bound in vellum, £1 10s. net. Both editions printed on hand-made paper.


THE TREASURE OF THE GARDEN: A Play in the Old Manner.
    By Jack B. Yeats. With Illustrations coloured by the Author. 4to. 5s. net.

JAMES FLAUNTY; or, The Terror of the Western Seas. A Drama
    in the Old Manner. By Jack B. Yeats. With Illustrations (wrapper hand-coloured)
by the Author. Fcap. 8vo. Is. net. Copies coloured throughout by the Author may be
had, price 5s. net.

    Shelley and Byron in 1821 and 1822. With an Introduction by Richard Garnett, C.B., LL.D. With Collotype Portraits, c. Crown 8vo, y. (3d. net. “ Of deep interest to all lovers of Shelley. The complete diary of the famous ‘ Williams,’ the friend of Shelley and Byron for eighteen months in 1821-22, and Shelley’s companion in death. Hitherto in its entirety known only to biographers of the poets, now made available to all.”— Outlook. THE WIND AMONG THE REEDS. By W. B. Yeats. Crown 8vo, 3s. (d. net. [ Fourth Edition. WITH ELIA AND HIS FRIENDS IN BOOKS AND DREAMS. By John Rogers. Globe 8vo, 2 s . 6 d . net . “It does not fall to the lot of many men to possess on their library shelves ‘ volumes enriched by the auto¬ graphs of Lamb and his friends.’ Still fewer could write about their former owner with the charm, discrimination, and sympathy shown by Mr. Rogers in his book—where quaint and beautiful thoughts, as well as sound criticism will be found .”—Manchester Courier. London:. ELKIN MATHEWS, Vigo Street, W.

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