General Search

Using keywords, you may search all of the marked-up documents on The Yellow Nineties Online. At present these include The Pagan Review (1 vol) and The Yellow Book (13 vols), associated paratextual material, biographical essays and portraits of people associated with the 1890s and its periodicals, and scholarly essays. A General Search will return both visual and verbal material.

Search Advice: The General Search uses keywords to return verbal texts in which that specific word is used, and images whose mark-up or verbal description includes either that specific word, or a larger category in the Iconographical Index we have used to tag visual material. For example, a search for "bird" will return only "bird" in the verbal texts, but will include all images we have listed under the category "bird" in the visual texts: peacocks, swans, swallows, doves, and so on.

Iconographical Categories are: Period (date, era); Geography (physical location); Setting (interior/exterior, natural/built environment, elements, temporality); People (figures, relations, clothing); Objects (artifacts, furnishings, tools and implements, plants and animals, food and drink); Transcription (of text in or accompanying image).

Images are also marked up by author, title, engraver, genre, medium (where known), and periodical location and date.

The General Search will return only content that contains the keyword. It does not return content related to abstract concepts such as "aestheticism." If you wish to refine your search, please go to Advanced Search.

  For best results try avoiding small words like 'and', 'or', 'the', 'in', etcetera...