1890s People - 'L'
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Richard Le Gallienne
By Jason Boyd Richard Thomas Gallienne (the “Le” was a later addition by Richard) was born in Liverpool on January 20, 1866. He was the eldest child of John (originally Jean) Gallienne, employed since 1855 at the Birkenhead Brewery, and Jane Smith, from Baxenden, just outside of Liverpool. Le Gallienne had six sisters and three brothers (two of whom died young)...
Frederic Lord Leighton
By Lene Østermark-Johansen Frederic Leighton contributed only two figure studies to The Yellow Book, in the very first issue, which appeared less than two years before his death in January 1896. A static, heavily draped female figure, seen in profile and from the front, serves as the frontispiece, while half way through the volume a study of nude dancing Maenads provides a lively and rhythmical counterpoint.