1890s People - 'H'
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Henry Harland
By Barbara Schmidt Born in New York City on March 1st 1861 Henry Harland is mainly remembered for the central role he played in the artistic and literary coteries of fin-de-siècle London, especially his editorship of The Yellow Book (1894-1897)...
Carl Hentschel
By Gerry Beegan Carl Hentschel was a key figure in the new era in visual representation that came into being during the 1890s. Born in Lodz, Poland, in March 1864, Hentschel arrived in England with his parents at the age of five. His father, August Hentschel, professed to have worked with Louis Daguerre and trained his son in a number of reproduction techniques that August had devised.
Laurence Housman
By Lorraine Janzen Kooistra Born in 1865 in rural Worcestershire at his father’s ancestral home, Perry Hall, Bromsgrove, Laurence Housman was the sixth of seven children. The Housman children were a close-knit group of highly literary, artistic and intellectual siblings whose childhood play included writing sonnets and acting plays of their own composition.