1890s People - 'G'
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Patrick Geddes
By Regina Hewitt Although Patrick Geddes is best known for his work in town planning, he deserves recognition as a founding and contributing editor to the 1890s periodical The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal. Despite its short publication history, consisting of only four issues produced from 1895 to 1897, The Evergreen offered a significant alternative to The Yellow Book and other periodicals with aesthetic and modern agendas.
Edmund Gosse
By Patricia Pulham Edmund Gosse is now known predominantly for Father and Son (1907), a work he originally published anonymously.
Kenneth Grahame
By Morgan Holmes Kenneth Grahame was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1859. His mother died when he was young and, because his father drank heavily and was therefore unable to care for his children, Grahame and his three siblings were raised by their maternal grandmother at Cookham Dene, England. These early years on the shores of the Thames provided lasting inspiration for the author’s essays....