The Yellow Book

The Yellow BookThe image is of a seated man showing a standing woman a page from The                        Yellow Book appears to be Volume III The man is to the right of the woman                        slightly leaning over the back of a couch with The Yellow Book open The man                        is in profile and looking towards the woman He has a moustache and is                        wearing a suit jacket with a collared shirt and a pocket square The woman is                        leaning against the back of the couch Her hair is done up and she is wearing                        a long dark coloured dress with large sleeves She is looking at the open                        page of The Yellow Book The couch and woman both stand on a patterned rug In                        the background there is a shelf or mantel with a decorative plate and two                        fans To the right of the shelf or mantel is what appears to be a dressing                        screen The image is vertically displayed

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